Discover A New Dawn (D.A.N.D)

is a Kolkata based social welfare organization working for the purpose of development and rehabilitation of people with disabilities and undertakes various charitable activities for the benefit of the differently-able community as a whole. 

Legal Status

Registered under The Indian Trust Act, 1882.


Inclusion in all walks of life for differently abled people. Bringing persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society is our ultimate mission.


We envisage foundation of a barrier free world (structural, social, economical and humanitarian barrier-free) for differently abled people where they can live like a dignified human being.


Aims and Objects of the Organization

    • To perform any work for the development and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in India;
    • To provide consultancy services regarding job and other sustainable livelihood options to persons with disabilities;
    • To address all kinds of accessibility issues at large;
    • To make them aware about their legal, social and human rights;
    • To arrange occupational therapy for improving daily living activities for the physically challenged;
    • To execute any print or online publication work for the betterment of disabled community as a whole;
    • To sensitize common people about the condition of people with disabilities;
    • To support economically weaker disabled students for pursuing education. Providing grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving disabled students.
    • To network with organizations, private institutions and individuals associated with disability sector;
      To initiate or extend support to any activity in various facets of economic life which will; directly or indirectly contribute to economic upliftment of the disabled;
    • To include persons with disabilities in all walks of life with active participation of able bodied individual of society;


Posted December 19, 2011 by DAND-Network